Personalization technology


Automated Screen Printing

Personalized screen print method for production with daily capacity up to 35 thousand. The most advanced, popular, and most chosen method to print on a big scale. It bases on up to 8 colors and has no limitations in process of print.


Digital Printing

With this decorating method, we use state-of-the-art printing technology to place your full color design on glassware.  The printing is done with an inkjet printing system that is specially made to allow for direct-to-object printing on cylindrical objects.  The system uses UV-cured inks to produce highly detailed full color prints on glass.


Transfer Printing

Metoda zdobienia, którą wykonuje się w technice sitodruku „na płasko” . Nadruk nanoszony jest na specjalny papier zwany kalką, która następnie zostaje nałożona na produkt oraz utrwalona w wysokiej temperaturze. Nadruk może zostać naniesiony zarówno na zewnątrz, jak i wewnątrz produktu oraz na dnie, stopce lub uchu. Technikę tą stosuje się często w przypadkach zdobienia w nietypowych miejscach na produkcie.


Hot Stamp

Hot-stamping zwany również termodrukiem, hot-printem – technika druku z użyciem folii hot-stampingowej i matryc wypukłych wykonanych z materiału przewodzącego ciepło. Hot-stampingu używa się do uszlachetniania druku, ozdabiania przedmiotów, znakowania, zabezpieczenie druku.





Satin Finish

This personalized method opposite to the classical methods of printing on glass it relies on the special process of fully covering the surface in a satin finish and a cut offed brand logo process what can be great decorative effects for beer glasses for example.


Relief Print

Great personalized relief is a 3d print effect in touch to exposure the important design elements of your brand design.


Gold Rim

A special method to decorate gold rim finish or a special paint imitating gold to decorate the edges of the glass. Thanks to advanced machines, this process works fully automatically.



Laser engraving is a durable, precise and extremely aesthetic technique of marking objects, both for advertising and industrial applications. We offer engraving with CO2 and Nd: YAG lasers, which enables marking metal products, leather and eco-leather, plexiglass, engraving laminates, wood, glass, rubber, sponge, etc.



Personalized embroidery is a very durable and attractive form of personalizing clothes, shoes, caps, haberdashery, and other textiles. Today’s technology in the design and execution of embroidery allows you to print everything by computers. Thanks to the perfect equipment of our machine park, we are able to offer computer embroidery services on various materials and surfaces from company logos to custom prints.